No.2 Railway Cottages

Sleeps 4 in a peaceful village, just outside Whitby, North Yorkshire
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January 01

New for 2014

We have decided to replace the heating system in the cottage. Out go the night store heaters and in come German Panel Heaters. They will be more economical and easier to control. They are thermostatically controlled and can be switched on when required giving instant heat. This will be better for our erratic English climate and easier for visitors to use.

The second change this year is to simplify our pricing system. There are now just two rates - high and low season. We do not charge more for certain holiday periods. We have had to make a small increase to the charges this year but book before 31 March and save 10%.

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December 30


We wish everyone Happiness, Health & Prosperity for 2014. We look forward to welcoming you back, if you've booked before, or meeting you for the first time in the coming year.

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December 21

Merry Christmas from all at Railway Cottages. See you in 2014.

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December 07

Thursday's Storm Surge

We knew it was coming and we knew there would be some flooding at the bottom of the garden as the river rose with the storm surge. It has happened before but we know that the cottages are high enough not to be affected. There was some flooding at teatime and we sat in our cosy cottage on Thursday night knowing we were safe but wondered if it would get any worse. We had already heard that Whitby town centre was flooded and the power was off.

On Friday morning we knew that it had been worse than expected. The water had been through the greenhouse and the polytunnel. The sleepers around the raised beds in the wildlife area had been moved by the power of the water. The little boat that sits on the riverside ended up on the other side of the garden and large pieces of wood were found in all sorts of odd places. I even spotted someone else's wheelie bin marooned in the river!

We have been lucky - we and the cottages were quite safe. Everything will tidy up and repair. I had been so organised this autumn with winter lettuces, radishes and other crops in the polytunnel. Not sure if they will survive as we had a hard frost after the flood on Thursday night and everything froze because it was saturated. No need to worry about watering things for the time being!!

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December 01

December Is Here Again!

Well, it's the 1st December and you can tell Christmas is not far away. The North York Moors Railway has started running the Santa Specials today. As they passed the cottage, you could see they were proving popular with lots of passengers.

However, the weather is not too wintry yet, although we did have a few snowflakes last week. We've had some lovely sunny, mild days this week and I've been able to get in the garden to continue the tidying up ready for winter. Everything gets cut back, edges neatened and beds dug over. The compost heaps are overflowing!! Roll on Spring when we can start growing again.

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