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July 18

Day Out to Hornsea

We managed to get a day out ourselves this week. Went to Hornsea - about 50 miles down the coast in East Yorkshire. Once famous for Hornsea Pottery, the history of which can be seen in the Museum. Visited Hornsea Freeport with its retail outlet shops and a great Farmers shop with cafe. Walked through the small town and checked out the sea front. Didn't have time to visit the Museum on this visit - that'll keep for another day.

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July 15

New Website

The new website is up and running!

It is easy to use and more up to date. It will also fit phone and laptop screens better. The blog is fully integrated and there is an availability calendar together with prices.

Looking forward to hearing your comments - just let me know.

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July 02

A new family of ducklings arrived today. There are 5 - one was hiding behind mum! On their second visit they had a swim on the pond before scrambling up the plank and returning to the river.

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June 26

At least one duckling has survived long enough to grow up! We've lost so many this year. There are so many predators - otters, seagulls, herons - the ducklings are so small and a long way down the food chain.

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June 13

These 6 ducklings arrived on the scene yesterday. They must just have hatched and mother was reluctant to bring them far from the hedge. Sadly, we are down to 5 today - they are so tiny!

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