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August 18

More Steam Trains

The North York Moors Railway has launched an additional platform at Whitby Station so they can now run more trains into the resort, which means - there are more steam trains passing the cottage - ideal for you rail enthusiasts!

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August 08

Very Entertaining!

Yesterday the Council arrived to re-paint the yellow lines along the roadside. This disappeared the last time they resurfaced the road - a number of years ago! First came the road sweeper to clean the surface. This only created a huge dust storm and spread the dust/grit over a wider area so they had to resort to a man and a brush! Next the lorry heated the yellow paint mixture, then 2 men painted the line using a bucket and box-like template.

In all, this involved 2 lorries and a road sweeper, 5 men, 1 brush, 2 lollipop stop & go signs and about 2 hours. And they only completed one side of the road! And they asked if I would 'put the kettle on'. However, it was more entertaining than watching the TV.

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August 07
Most people have fish in their garden pond - we have ducks! This new family arrived earlier in the week. They must have been newly hatched as they were tiny, but still able to move very quickly - both in the pond and on dry land.
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July 25

The village pub organised a scarecrow competition earlier this month. These are the entries, now on show around the village. What a super collection! The dog won 1st prize. Hope they run it again next year - I just might have a go.

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July 22

We've had swallows nesting in the garage and now they are starting to fledge. Parent on the left - baby on the right. Enlarge by clicking on the photo.

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