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May 16

Managed to get a photo of the Blue Tit visiting its young in the nest box. They are in and out so often and so quickly!

Double click on the picture and you may be able to enlarge it - depending on your computer system.

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May 15

New Residents

We have some Blue Tits in the nest box on the willow tree at the bottom of the garden. Judging by the way they are constantly darting in and out, they must be feeding young. Not sure how long they've been there so don't know how long before the young are ready to fledge. Hopefully all will go well!

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May 08


The May half term week - 24-31 May - is available at only £440. Not able to book a full week - then book a short break - 3 nights at £300. Email ( or telephone (01947 603801) to book now.

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May 06

The wildlife area in the bottom half of the garden is growing well. All the different grasses and wild flowers are starting to appear. After a number of years this area is working well. Flowers appear and self seed and there is quite a variety now. This Star of Bethlehem plant has appeared for the first time this year and there are several so hopefully they will self seed to produce more in years to come. The whole area is cut in late summer/early autumn and that's all we do but the balance seems to be right.

The swallows have arrived - so we know that summer really is on the way!

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April 24

Sadly, in just two weeks, we are down from 13 ducklings to just four. They are growing and the bigger they get the safer they are. However, although it seems harsh, if every duckling survived, we'd be over run with ducks. It's just nature's way of keeping a balance.

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