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January 25

The little Chinese Mandarin Duck visited again today. Although smaller than the others, it can hold its own and is quite happy to peck at the others to get its fair share of the food.

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January 18


The new heaters are in! 'All singing, all dancing' German electric panel heaters - very swish! All with thermostats and independent controls - although it took me a while to decipher the instruction manual (or manuals as each heater came with one). Why is everything electronic so difficult to master. Everything is explained in several different languages but the bit you want to know isn't there.

Anyway, they are up and running and really very simple to operate with a range of temperatures to suit everyone (I hope) and much easier than the old night store heaters. After some redecoration and a thorough clean following installation, the cottage is now ready for visitors.

Not wanting to dispose of the old storage heaters as they are still in good condition, I decided to put them on Ebay. Everyone said it was a waste of time. However, I did get a bid but it turned out the buyer was a time waster and didn't pay or collect the items. So I'll have to be more inventive and re-cycle the bricks as garden edging and send the metal parts to the scrap yard!

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January 12

Today we had the first real frost of the winter. It makes a change from all the wind and rain! We have been luckier than many with no flooding apart from one night in early December when the garden flooded due to the tidal storm surge along the East Coast.

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January 03

An unusual visitor joined the ducks for food today. Not knowing what this was I had to resort to the bird book again. It was a male Mandarin Duck. Originating from China & the Far East, they were kept in captivity in this country but over the years some escaped and now they are relatively common. Not having seen one on this river before, I guess it was blown in on the strong winds. It has joined our regular group without any problems and eats as much as they do!

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January 01

New for 2014

We have decided to replace the heating system in the cottage. Out go the night store heaters and in come German Panel Heaters. They will be more economical and easier to control. They are thermostatically controlled and can be switched on when required giving instant heat. This will be better for our erratic English climate and easier for visitors to use.

The second change this year is to simplify our pricing system. There are now just two rates - high and low season. We do not charge more for certain holiday periods. We have had to make a small increase to the charges this year but book before 31 March and save 10%.

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