No.2 Railway Cottages

Sleeps 4 in a peaceful village, just outside Whitby, North Yorkshire
Call Joan on 01947 603801 to Book

May 21

Offers Available

Still time to book for the Bank Holiday/Half Term Week. Offers available - call now.

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May 19

Time for a nap! There seemed to be ducks sleeping all round the garden this afternoon - must be the weather!

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May 18

Work on the railway bridge continues. So far they have scaffolded half the bridge; cut away the footpath that ran alongside the bridge; taken away part of the line where is used to be double track. Now they are covering everything in polythene ready for the sandblasting and re-painting.

Then they have to repeat everything on the other half. They began in February! It is all very interesting and we await further developments.

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May 17

Oops - this bean is growing upside down - roots at the top and leaves in the soil. And people think I know what I'm doing in the garden!!

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May 12

Special Offer

We have a special offer for the week 28 May to 4 June - 10% discount. This includes the Spring Bank Holiday Weekend and is also Half Term Week. Call or email to make your booking.

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