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October 04

New Visitors

We had two new visitors this week. Beautiful male pheasants - really colourful. As usual, I didn't have the camera and by the time I'd found it, they'd gone! We sometimes see them in the depths of winter when food is scarce and they make for the veggie patch.

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September 30

Gilbert re-appeared yesterday. We hadn't seen him since I'd had to 'fence off' the apple trees to stop him helping himself. He must have been sulking!! One or two of the ducks have very light coloured feathers and we are wondering if they are Gilbert's offspring. The duck in the foreground is a possible example - what do you think?

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September 23

Autumn Vacancies

There are a limited number of vacancies through September, October and into November. This weekend sees the 40th Anniversary Steam Gala on the North York Moors Railway and 60s Festival in Whitby. Other events through Autumn include the Musicport Festival, the Bram Stoker International Film Festival, the Railway Wartime Weekend and the Goth Weekend. The season still has plenty to offer.

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Gilbert's Done it Again!

Not content with taking the odd apple from the tree, Gilbert has now resorted to taking whole branches because he can't reach the apples higher up! So, I've had to put up a small fence around the 2 trees so he can't get near them at all - so far so good!

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September 20

Now that Autumn is here, I've been picking the ripening apples. The ducks also like the apples and have been eating the windfalls. They are hilarious as at first they find it hard to get their beaks into the round, shiny surface but once they have broken into an apple, it doesn't last 2 minutes. They squabble amongst themselves for the tastiest bit. Gilbert, the goose, has even been spotted helping himself from the tree! Being taller than the ducks he can reach the eating apples grown as minarettes.

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