No.2 Railway Cottages

Sleeps 4 in a peaceful village, just outside Whitby, North Yorkshire
Call Joan on 01947 603801 to Book

June 07


7-15 June - 3-8 nights - £300-£480

18-21 June - 3 nights - £300

28-30 June - 2 nights - £260

5-9 August - 4 nights - £340

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May 31

New Web Site

We are in the process of updating the web site. Since this was first produced technology has changed in leaps and bounds. People now access the internet from tablets and mobile phones so the new web site will be more suitable for this as well as desk top and lap top computers. We had new photographs taken yesterday and hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks you'll be able to see the results - we hope you like it!

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May 23

Those of you who have stayed in the cottage over the past 2 summers will remember Gilbert the goose. He hasn't been seen for nearly a year now. Each summer he looked after a batch of ducklings and we wondered if, strange as it may sound, he did mate with one of the ducks. Today I spotted this unusual 'duck', who looks remarkably like a goose - is it one of Gilbert's children? Who knows!

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It seems that we have two bird boxes with nesting blue tits. One lot has fledged today - what a cold, wet day to make your maiden flight. The other lot are still being fed inside the nest box by the parents. Hopefully the weather will have improved before they are ready to go.

You can just see one of the youngsters in the centre of the hedge

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May 16

Managed to get a photo of the Blue Tit visiting its young in the nest box. They are in and out so often and so quickly!

Double click on the picture and you may be able to enlarge it - depending on your computer system.

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