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Sleeps 4 in a peaceful village, just outside Whitby, North Yorkshire
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June 26

This week saw the green caravan move out. A young chap is going to restore it as a vintage caravan. I'd used it for storing plant pots and other gardening items, so first these had to be moved to another store. Then I had to cut through the long grass in the wild life area so that we could get it out. Some persuasion from the tractor and it was out ready to load then away it went to Nottinghamshire. Now I just have to clear up!

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June 22

This is the view from the cottage window, looking down the garden. As you can see, in spite of the weather, the flowers are putting on a fabulous show. Red climbing roses, blue delphiniums, white foxgloves, geraniums, aquilegias and sweet williams; and in the background the green grass. A real artist's palette of colour!

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June 21

In spite of having the whole of the River Esk, the ducks still like a swim in our garden pond. They've eaten most of my pond plants and as they swim they fertilise the water. Hence the murky green colour! Don't you just love them?

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June 18

10% Discount

10% discount available on all July available dates. Quote code JJ1 when booking.

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June 14

21 June

21 June is Father's Day and also Midsummer's Day. Book a holiday now - we have vacancies. Check out the available dates & prices on the website. Or give me a call - 01947 603801.

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