No.2 Railway Cottages

Sleeps 4 in a peaceful village, just outside Whitby, North Yorkshire
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May 04

Tour de Yorkshire

The Tour de Yorkshire Cycle Race came through our area last Friday. The weather was kind and many people turned out to see the event. The TV coverage was good and gave excellent coverage of the local area in and around Whitby and on the surrounding moors.

If you have never visited this part of England, it is well worth a visit with a wide variety of things to see and do - suiting young and old, no matter what your interests are.

We look forward to seeing you - give me a call and book the cottage to experience what we have to offer!

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April 26

Tour de Yorkshire Cycle Race

The Tour de Yorkshire Cycle Race comes into Whitby on Friday. There are blue & yellow cycles and flags everywhere. It should be quite a day. Hope the weather is good.

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Sunday morning - camping out on the doorstep - waiting for breakfast!

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April 21

Swimming lessons in the pond! Sadly we are down to 4 ducklings. They are just about 8 days old yet their lives can be very short! Here's hoping these 4 survive. Every day means they get bigger and stronger.

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April 19

Duckling Update

The ducklings are now 6 days old and are growing rapidly. Sadly from 13 we went down to 11 and today we're down to 7. This is nature's way and it happens with every batch - it's a dangerous world out there is you're a duckling. As each day passes they get bigger and stronger and have a better chance of survival.

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