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March 06

Railway 50th Anniversary

The North York Moors Railway is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the closing of the Whitby-Pickering line under the 'Beeching' cuts. Special engines are being brought in to run commemorative services for the big celebration 6-8 March. Should be a spectacular weekend for all rail enthusiasts.

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March 04

March Already!

Well, it's March already - nearly a third of the year gone!

There was a covering of snow up on the moors yesterday. Today, the cold wind dropped, the sun shone and it felt like Spring. The birds are singing and the ducks are splashing around in the river. No further signs of Gilbert - maybe it was just a flying visit. Not everyone is awake yet, I found a hibernating frog in the compost heap so just tucked him up and left him to sleep until the weather warms up.

Have managed to get some early planting done in the garden, just garlic and onions so far, but can't wait to really get started. Just need some better weather.

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February 19

Gilbert's Back!!

It's over a year since Gilbert the Goose has visited and we thought he'd gone for good. Today he was at the kitchen door, 'squawking' to be fed - just like old times.

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February 07

This is the new picnic table. It arrived as a flat pack and once we'd interpreted the instructions (which were in English), it went together quite easily. It's very sturdy and will be a good replacement for the old one which was showing distinct signs of age, wear and rot! Definitely time for a new one. Now all we need is some good weather so it can be used - not much fun sitting outside if it's snowing!!

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February 01

1 February

The 1st February today and the year is really under way. It's still winter and although it's been wet & windy, we've had very little snow (perhaps it's on its way!!) We begin the new season's bookings this month.

Visiting Whitby in the Winter is a totally different experience to visiting in the summer. It's easy to get around - no crowds; it's easy to park. The views are spectacular as the light is often very clear at this time of year - that's why it's so popular with artists. When it snows there is that magical air about the place.

We are so lucky to live here!!

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