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Archive of: June, 2011

Duckling Update

Daisy visited again yesterday afternoon. This time she had 11 ducklings - not 9 as on previous visits. What a family!!

Little Ducklings

The two ducks that have been visiting from the river now have a family. We've named them Donald and Daisy. Donald has not been seen for a while but Daisy has visited most days for food. Recently she has looked a little stressed, been very hungry and has only stayed for a short time and even missed the odd day. Today we saw why. She has a family of nine ducklings and she brought them all up the garden to feed and show them off. She did this twice today - poor little things - it is quite a walk on little legs. Then we saw them all swimming on the river. She'll need good luck to raise all nine though.

More Wildlife Visitors

Saw my first Badger in the garden today. They have been signs before and I've seen them in the area but in 12 years this is the first one I've seen in the garden. A case of being in the right place at the right time. It was a youngster and was spotted just before 8 pm. As they are nocturnal, this was quite early. I guess it was hungry. The weather has been so dry the usual worms, etc. will be hard to come by.

You just never know what you will see next!!

Wildlife Visitors

What a surprise to see a Great Spotted Woodpecker at the peanut feeder today. Apparently they are more common in Southern and Central England rather than the North East. A very welcome sight!! It must have been nesting nearby with young to feed as it made several visits within a short space of time.

From time to time we get some really good wild life visitors. We have spotted a kingfisher on the river, also otters and the occasional seal - they love the salmon. The river Esk is a good salmon river and the fish can be seen and heard 'leaping' on a quiet summer evening. At night time you can hear the owls, although some were lost to the harsh winter. Badgers frequently visit the garden at night - evidenced by the small holes in the lawn where they have been searching for worms. Frogs and dragon flies have also been spotted.

It is amazing what can be seen - often quite unexpectedly, but very welcome all the same.

No Hidden Charges

We run our holiday cottage ourselves - there is no Agency involved. Consequently the price quoted is the price you pay - there are no hidden extras - no booking fees, no VAT, no electricity charges, no hire charges for linen, etc.

If you have not stayed in a self catering cottage for a number of years and remember the basic cottages of old with slot meters and having to provide your own bedding, etc., now is the time to try again. We provide all the 'mod cons', comfortable homely surroundings, high standard of cleanliness, all at very reasonable rates - especially if there are 4 people in your party.

Call or email for details and make a booking to see for yourselves. Details on the website.

Penny Hedge

Went to see the annual ritual of the planting of the Penny Hedge. According to Folklore this was a religious punishment for the death of a Hermit. A short hedge of hazel stakes must be planted on the east shore of the harbour by 9 am on the eve of Ascension Day and it must withstand 3 tides. A horn is sounded and there are three cries of 'Out on thee' to complete the ritual. Failure to comply each year would result in the loss of valuable land from the desendants of the murderers.

Just one of the many fascinating stories from the Whitby area!


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