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What a lovely day after all the rain yesterday. Set off to do some gardening but spent the afternoon watching the ducklings again. Unfortunately we're down to 7 now from 12. They headed from the river, across the lawn, through the raspberry canes, then over the veggie patch between the broad beans and cabbages, before reaching the pond. They had a swim then sat in the sun with Daisy keeping a close eye on things - just like an afternoon on the beach! The plank allows the ducklings to get out of the pond - they are not big enough yet to jump up the straight sides. They soon got the hang of things. Better get back to the gardening!


23/04/2012We came home this afternoon to find Daisy with 12 ducklings on the garden pond. This must be the first brood of the season. When they struggled out of the pond (with the help of wooden plank) we fed Daisy on the lawn and they are now all sat underneath her having a snooze!

Local Footpaths


I have spent the weekend making a list of footpaths in the area for those of you interested in walking. These range from a short, level walk into Whitby (approx 1 mile) to long distance trails of 35 miles. However, even the longer walks can be tackled in stages with assistance from public transport.

Anyone interested in walking/hiking will find the cottage an ideal base for this activity. Look forward to seeing you here!


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