No. 2 Railway Cottages

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Archive of: July, 2012



Over the last few months we have been visited by various families of ducklings. This latest batch are now several weeks old and growing every day. There are 2 from a previous batch who are just starting to lose their downy feathers - we call these the 'inbetweenies' because they are at the middle stage of development!!. There is also a group of 3 who are now almost fully grown with proper feathers and almost full size wings - we call these the 'teenagers' because they hang around in a gang just like real teenagers!!

Norwegian Visitors


Two Norwegian visitors stopped by the other day to admire the garden. Apparently they too are having a cold wet summer back in Norway - so it's not just the British summer!! They spoke excellent English and it was interesting to note that they grow many similar flowers and vegetables to us, in spite of being a good way north of Ruswarp.

To date we have had no one from Norway staying in the cottage, but have welcomed visitors from both Holland and Finland in the past.


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