No. 2 Railway Cottages

Sleeps 4 in a peaceful village, just outside Whitby, North Yorkshire
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We have been luckier than many after the heavy rain over the last 2 days - no flooding. This shows a very swollen River Esk. Those of you who have visited will recognise the island in the centre of the river as seen from the garden. On rare occasions the lower part of the garden has been known to flood but never the cottages which stand much higher up. Hope you all managed to keep safe & dry.

Whitby Goth Weekend


This year's Goth Weekend runs from 1-5 November. This is always a popular event and accommodation goes quickly. Book now to avoid disappointment. We are only a short walk/bus ride/taxi ride from the centre of Whitby.

The cottage is currently available from Saturday 27 October to Friday 9 November. You can book any number of nights from 2 upwards.



It's all very well feeding the ducklings when they are small - but now they have all grown up and eat vast quantities of food. They are getting quite tame and will come looking for me or follow me around the garden - not always a good idea!!


06/09/2012Got stung by a wasp this week - very painful. I assumed it was just a lone wasp, but today I discovered the wasps' nest under the thyme plant. During the night the badgers had unearthed it - soil everywhere with the odd dead wasp. The badgers go for the sweetness of the honeycomb and are not stung by the wasps because of their tough bristly coats. The badgers may be back tonight to finish off. I'll have to wait for the remaining wasps to move away before I can rescue my thyme plant and tidy the mess!! Isn't nature wonderful.


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