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Archive of: October, 2012

Scenic Train Ride


I had a lovely ride on the Esk Valley Line yesterday. The autumn colours are spectacular this year - lovely golds & reds. It was rather gloomy due to the mist and drizzle - very atmospheric but just too early for halloween! Today has been much brighter but colder and the autumn colours really shine in the limited sunshine. Although we haven't had much summer weather this year - in this country our variable weather gives us some lovely scenery.

Duck's Revenge


If you have been following the blog regularly, you'll know that I have been feeding the baby ducklings that have visited the garden this year. And continued to feed them as they have grown and grown. There is now quite a large flock of ducks visiting for food. As they are wild ducks from the river, I have been trying to stop them becoming totally reliant on my food and have aimed to feed less and less. There is, after all, plenty of food in the river and roundabout.

Now, if I don't feed them, they wander round the garden, pecking at my plants, even pecking small plants out of pots in their frustration. Hence Duck's Revenge!!

Artist's Exhibition


If you have stayed in the cottage you will have noticed the watercolour of the steam train crossing the river which hangs in the middle room. This was painted by our friend Bill Wedgwood who is primarily a marine artist. Each October he holds a one week exhibition and sale of his work at the old Coastguard Station in Robin Hood's Bay. This year's exhibition is from 27 October to 4th November. Well worth a visit.

A New Visitor


I spotted a seal in the river today. The water was very still after all the rain on Thursday night and the sun was shining brightly. The seal was swimming down river from the weir and kept disappearing underwater. No doubt it was looking for salmon. Of course I didn't have the camera, that was in the house and I knew that by the time I had gone up the garden for it, the seal would have long gone. Again, this was a case of being in the right place at the right time!

Untidy Garden


This summer's bad weather has meant that time spent in the garden has been greatly reduced and lots of things have gone to seed and are still standing there, waiting to be cut down. However, there are compensations. A few days ago I spotted some Goldcrests collecting seeds and feeding their young. Not being a great 'twitcher' I had to get the bird book out to check that they were Goldcrests. They were beautiful.

Some of our visitors spotted a Kingfisher on the river recently. A case of being in the right place at the right time!


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