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Archive of: April, 2013



Well it was certainly windy last night! Those of you who have visited the cottage will know the old apple tree near the greenhouse which was propped up to keep it upright. The wind blew out the prop and the tree is now on the ground. However, all is not lost - the tree is still rooted and will hopefully continue to grow. We'll leave it in its new position as moving it may cause permanent damage.

It certainly beats getting the ladder out to pick the apples!!



The female ducks must be nesting and sitting on eggs at the moment. They don't appear as often, whereas the drakes come up on their own. It takes about 4 weeks for the eggs to hatch - so we'll wait and see. Look out for photos of this year's ducklings.



This last week has seen a return of the cold grey days - although it is still dry. This is now the second week of April and we are all wondering if there is any summer to come!

The ducks and Gilbert the goose, have been visiting regularly again. They have realised that there are visitors in the cottage and this means another supply of food. One of the ducks followed me into the polytunnel the other day. Then he couldn't find his way out and began to panic. He got himself stuck in a corner and started flapping around. Having just replaced the polythene, I was concerned that he might peck his way out so had to grab him and usher him out. He was a little indignant but soon settled down and waddled off to his next adventure.

Very little is growing in the garden - even the weeds are finding it too cold to make an appearance. I'm itching to get started planting potatoes and the rest but there is just no point whilst it is so cold. I don't think I've ever been so late planting things. The daffodils are putting on a brave face but there are still many more to come. I know that everything will burst out suddenly as soon as the sun shines and it warms up a little. Then there will be so much to do to catch up!



The first Bank Holiday of the year has passed. We had some sunshine, a few snowflakes and it was cold. However, according the forecast, there is a hint of something milder next week - are they right?

The steam trains have resumed their daily visits past the cottage and into Whitby. They celebrate their 40th anniversary this year since becoming a heritage railway. All the seasonal businesses have opened and the town is buzzing, in spite of the weather!

The ducks have not been visiting as often in the last few days. They are probably nesting. As yet we haven't found any nests in the garden, but you never know. No doubt there will be some ducklings popping up in about 4 weeks time. I hope it's a little warmer by then.


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