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Gilbert's back!!

We've not seen the goose for quite a while. Then he popped up today with a duck and 3 ducklings. Of course, he knew exactly where the food was so no doubt he'll be visiting on a regular basis again. Somebody has said that he mates with the ducks and some of the ducklings could be his - I'm not sure about this. But he does appear each summer with a brood of ducklings and is very protective, just like a father, and only with that particular group.

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Our Bank Account details have changed. If you wish to make payments via Internet Banking, please check that you have our new details. All paperwork sent out from 23 July 2013 will automatically have the new details.

Benefits of Last Year's Rain


There's always a good side to most things - even if you have to look very hard to find it! Last year's rain seemed to be never ending. The benefits of this can be seen in the garden and countryside this year. After a slow start, many plants have grown really tall, particularly the Delphiniums. In the wildlife area in the bottom half of the garden, the grasses are nearly 5 feet tall. Things are looking a bit parched now since the dry scorching temperatures arrived.

On the surrounding moorland, the cotton grass is the best it's been for years and the early Bell Heather (different from the later moorland heather) is a beautiful rich purple colour. It looks spectacular!



We have a few dates available during the summer holidays. They are:

27-28 July - 2 nights @ £240.00

10-15 August - 5 nights @ £385.00; or 4 nights @ £330.00; or 3 nights @ £275.00

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What a Scorcher!


Tuesday must have been the hottest day so far - at least on this part of the coast. The next 2 days followed with cloudy conditions but at least it was more bearable, especially at night time. And then the sun came out again at teatime today and the temperature is supposed to be on the rise for the weekend. We never seem to get 2 days alike so we don't get used to the extremes. At least there's no rain!



The wildlife area in the bottom half of the garden is getting better each year. After all the rain last year everything has certainly grown. There are a variety of grasses, some of which are nearly 5 feet tall. The list of wildflowers includes comfrey, daisy, buttercup, red/white clover, thistle, vetch, plaintain, speedwell, ox-eye daisy, dandelion, red campion, dock, nettles, wild garlic, coltsfoot, foregetmenots, foxgloves, snowdrops, celandine, primroses plus many more. Birds, insects, butterflies can be seen regularly and certainly benefit from this area. Apart from cutting a walkway through the grass, everything is left until late summer before being cut down. This allows all the plants to self seed ready for next year and the cycle begins again.


01/07/2013Since the first ducklings appeared, we've seen a real mix of families. One day we saw several batches of ducklings - probably about 14 in all. Since then, all we've seen is one small duckling and one part grown duckling. Have they found somewhere else to eat? Have they met an untimely end (nature can be so cruel)? However, we have plenty of adults coming to feed - they never seen to get full!


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