No. 2 Railway Cottages

Sleeps 4 in a peaceful village, just outside Whitby, North Yorkshire
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I cut the grass for the first time yesterday. This is always a good sign - spring must be on the way. The winter jasmine is in full flower. The sweet peas are in, as are onions, early potatoes and broad beans in the veg garden. We were lucky through winter with less rain than many people experienced, things are drying up. In fact - dare I say it - we could do with a shower of rain!!



Just a couple of weeks left to take advantage of this year's Early Booking Discount. Book before 31st March and get 10% off your holiday.

New Heaters


The new heaters are proving a great success. Voted 'very good' by our first visitors since installation, they are proving easy to operate and control. We did have some teething problems initially - one of the radiators turned out to be faulty and began to leak its oily contents. Luckily this was in the kitchen - so no damaged carpets! No sooner was this replaced when another of the radiators came away from the wall mountings. Long enough screws had not been used!! This problem is now fixed and everything is 'tickety-boo'. I always seem to have this problem with tradesmen (even though recommended).


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