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Christmas Gifts


Looking for that unusual present? We offer gift vouchers (choose your own value) towards the cost of a holiday at Railway Cottages. Surprise your relative or friend with something completely different and be sure that no one else has had the same idea!



At last we had some sunshine today. Then this evening we got this spectacular sunset. Wonder if it WILL be fine tomorrow?

Dreary November!


Well what a dreary month November has turned out to be! Hardly any sunshine, just eternal dampness. Although we've had rain, it's not been consistent or particularly heavy - but everywhere is so WET. On the good side, it is very mild - the grass is growing and so are the weeds. Have been working in the wildlife area - checking on the new trees planted last winter (silver birch & willow), cutting hedges when it's dry enough and generally tidying up. I've lots of outside painting to do, but too wet at the moment - then it'll be too cold. The ducks are still regular visitors, virtually knocking on the door to be fed - they aren't bothered by wet weather!

Countdown to Christmas


Like many places, Whitby is now gearing up for Christmas. The Whitby Christmas Market runs from 27-30 November with local food & craft stalls (up to 40 businesses will be represented) plus entertainment. From the end of November, Father Christmas will be appearing in many locations (sometimes with his reindeer). Car Park charges are suspended on Thursdays, 4th, 11th & 18th from 3 pm and also Sundays, 7th, 14th & 21st from 11 am. Lots of Christmas Craft Fairs and Markets in the surrounding villages most weekends leading up to Christmas and the shops are already full of Christmas items.

Just Like on TV!


Yesterday teatime as the sun was setting, I spotted a small flock of starlings - a murmuration it's called - flying and swooping in waves. OK, it wasn't quite like the big flocks seen on the TV, but it's the first time I've seen this. We don't get too many starlings in the garden (just lots of ducks!!). It was lovely to see and another first.


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