No. 2 Railway Cottages

Sleeps 4 in a peaceful village, just outside Whitby, North Yorkshire
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Gilbert's Back!!

It's over a year since Gilbert the Goose has visited and we thought he'd gone for good. Today he was at the kitchen door, 'squawking' to be fed - just like old times.



This is the new picnic table. It arrived as a flat pack and once we'd interpreted the instructions (which were in English), it went together quite easily. It's very sturdy and will be a good replacement for the old one which was showing distinct signs of age, wear and rot! Definitely time for a new one. Now all we need is some good weather so it can be used - not much fun sitting outside if it's snowing!!

1 February


The 1st February today and the year is really under way. It's still winter and although it's been wet & windy, we've had very little snow (perhaps it's on its way!!) We begin the new season's bookings this month.

Visiting Whitby in the Winter is a totally different experience to visiting in the summer. It's easy to get around - no crowds; it's easy to park. The views are spectacular as the light is often very clear at this time of year - that's why it's so popular with artists. When it snows there is that magical air about the place.

We are so lucky to live here!!


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