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Fed up with the rabbits eating the newly planted veg, I decided to do something. The veg patch now looks like Fort Knox! But the new netting fence has proved a deterrent. I've also invested in a humane rabbit trap. You bait the cage-like trap with tasty greens which entices the rabbit inside and as the mechanism is triggered the door closes trapping said rabbit inside. You then deposit the rabbit in a new home some distance from the garden.

I was a bit dubious as to whether it would work - but hey presto within a week I caught the first rabbit today. A great solution and nobody gets hurt - fantastic.

British Summer Time


The clocks have changed and the days are longer and true to the usual pattern, it's cold, wet & windy!! Don't you just love it!

The ducks are out in force, as are all the other birds. The garden is waking up, the daffodils are shining out and I'm trying to get all the winter jobs finished but the season is taking over, I've already had to cut the grass and it's ready for a second cut.

The cottage season is well under way and it's lovely to see everyone again. However, with the visitors come the problems. I've already replaced the tap washer in the bathroom and on Saturday the clothes line collapsed. Yes, it did have all the cottage laundry on it, so that got a second wash. Have now put up a new line, so hopefully won't have that problem again this year. There's always something!

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Not wishing to miss out on Mother's Day, one of the ducks laid this egg at the side of the pond. It was freshly laid but abandoned. I don't usually interfere with nature, but they were never going to hatch it on the concrete and it was very cold. So it was used in a batch of cheese scones at teatime. Waste not, want not!

Railway 50th Anniversary


The North York Moors Railway is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the closing of the Whitby-Pickering line under the 'Beeching' cuts. Special engines are being brought in to run commemorative services for the big celebration 6-8 March. Should be a spectacular weekend for all rail enthusiasts.

March Already!


Well, it's March already - nearly a third of the year gone!

There was a covering of snow up on the moors yesterday. Today, the cold wind dropped, the sun shone and it felt like Spring. The birds are singing and the ducks are splashing around in the river. No further signs of Gilbert - maybe it was just a flying visit. Not everyone is awake yet, I found a hibernating frog in the compost heap so just tucked him up and left him to sleep until the weather warms up.

Have managed to get some early planting done in the garden, just garlic and onions so far, but can't wait to really get started. Just need some better weather.


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