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Spotted the first snowdrops of the year today.


February will soon be here - the shortest month of the year and the days are starting to lengthen too.

Half Term is 12-16 February with Pancake Day on 13th and Valentine's Day on 14th.  Time to think about an early break to chase away those winter blues.

The Mole!

The Mole!

Our friendly mole is still around.  Just wondering if he's got a JCB down there!

Ready for the Season

Ready for the Season

Two weeks of hard work including decorating, a complete spring clean plus repairs and replacements and the cottage is ready for the new season.

The 2 bedrooms have been decorated and new bedding added; the kitchen paintwork has been refreshed; and a number of small replacements including a new chopping board in the kitchen and a new rotary line cover (this is regularly shredded by the wind) complete this year's overhaul.

Just waiting for the photographer to take fresh photos for the website - should be done by February.



Just about to feed the ducks at lunch time when the phone rang.  I just left everything and went to take the call.  When I came back the ducks had decided to help themselves!!

Telephone Problems

We are experiencing a problem with our landline telephone, although the broadband is still working.  Please use the mobile number to contact us.

07584 790 875

Railway Cottage Newsletter

The annual newsletter, together with 2018 brochures and prices, has been posted today.  Dates are going quickly - I've taken 3 bookings since New Year's Day.  The newsletter is sent to everyone who has stayed at the cottage over the last 3 years.  For those of you who haven't visited recently, or are yet to book a holiday, I'm including the newsletter here.

Railway Cottage News - January 2018 - Happy New Year

2017 Highlights 

It was another successful year with may repeat bookings and lots of new faces.  It was lovely to see everyone.

After more than 12 months, repairs to the railway bridge were finished in March - no more dust, noise or night time working!  But what a transformation - should have been done years ago and now, hopefully, the line will continue for many years to come.

They appear in every newsletter and this year is no exception - the ducks!  As ever, they have delighted everyone with their antics - and don't they know it!  There have been a lot of ducklings but not many survived, just too many seagulls and herons around.  Very sad but it's nature's way.  However, some always make it and it's great to see them grow up through the year.

The weather has not been spectacular but I don't think anyone had a completely wet week.  Although heatwaves were in short supply, the days were not that cold as our summer electric bill proved - it was the lowest ever!  Thanks to all who use the electricity responsibly.

I introduced text alerts to let visitors know if the cottage would be ready before 4pm.  This has worked successfully and has been well received so I'll continue to offer this service.  Just include a mobile number on your booking form.

Holiday trends seem to be changing; people prefer short breaks rather than full weeks, and it's quite unusual to get a 2-week booking.,  This means people can have several holidays throughout the year rather than one long on.  I am happy to take bookings of any length, even during the peak season.

As many of you will now know, my husband, Peter, moved into nursing care in February and this has brought huge changes for both of us.  Many thanks to everyone for your kind wishes and support - it is so greatly appreciated.


As you read this, I shall be busy with the annual programme of deep cleaning, redecoration and repairs.  This year the bedrooms will be redecorated, also new bedding added.  In addition there is the usual round of stripping down, cleaning, washing, checking, repairing and updating which happens every winter so that, hopefully, the season runs without any problems.  I know from the comments received that everyone appreciates the level of cleanliness which I try to maintain.


This year sees a small increase in the high season rates with no change to low season prices.  We try to remain competitive but as with everything, our costs rise year on year.  The 10% Early Booking Discount is back for another year providing you book before 28 February 2018.  We do have offers and discounts throughout the year so check our website, blog and Facebook pages regularly.

The cottage is available all year round and a visit out of season gives a different experience.  The weather may not be so good - but then there's no guarantee of good weather through the summer, even abroad.  Whitby is quieter with parking easier and many parking fees suspended.  Rather than visiting the seasonal attractions, it's good to see Whitby as the locals see it.  It's great for walkers & cyclists, artists & photographers - a different perspective altogether.

2018 Season

I look forward to welcoming everyone to Railway Cottages in 2018.  If you spend your holidays elsewhere this year, enjoy your holiday and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.



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